Sweet Orange Essential Oil




Botanical name: Citrus sinesis

Origin: Brazil

Extraction method: Cold pressed

Plant part: Peel

Aromatic scent: sweet, citrus

Blends well with: Bergamot, Cananga Odorata, Clove Bud, Eucalyptus, Geranium, Grapefruit Pink, Lavender, Lime, Palmarosa,

Volume: 10 ml


Native to the area between the Himalayas and South-western China, this essential oil has multiple commercial, industrial, and medicinal uses. It is used as a flavoring agent for beverages and desserts. It is used in soaps, lotions, creams as well as in in chocolates, biscuits and many other confectionery items.

This essential oil helps treat spasms, muscle cramps and convulsions. It is a natural sedative which relieves stress and anxiety. Its aphrodisiac properties can help with frigidity, impotence and decreased libido. It can also be used to regulate menstruation and lactation as it promotes hormone secretions from both, endocrine and exocrine glands which also aids in better digestion. It has antiseptic and antifungal properties as it restricts microbial growth. In addition, studies have shown it to be effective for patients with Alzheimer’s disease by improving cognitive function.

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Additional information

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